Willamette Promise “I’m Going” Campaign


In 2014-15, the Willamette Educational Service District (WESD) launched a new program that partnered with local community colleges to help students earn low-cost college credits while in high school. The problem? WESD does not have a full-service communication department, and the program was being confused with other college credit programs already in place. They needed campaign planning and creative services to help them explain the new program and generate strong local support or it was doomed to lose its state funding…

The League to the rescue!

Led by their fearless leader and armed with knowledge of the challenges facing WESD, a small team of Communicators met and tackled the problem head-on. While community engagement heroes became experts in the program, writing copy and providing campaign timelines and marketing plans, the creative services stars crafted design mockups for client sign-off and executed photoshoots. Within three months, the Willamette Promise campaign was launched, featuring the real stories and photos of actual Willamette Promise kids along with basic marketing materials for educator recruitment and community outreach.





A job well done!


Willamette Promise Program Growth

Following the campaign, the Willamette Promise program administered by WESD grew to become statewide, serving 57 high schools in the 2015-16 school year. Nearly half of these schools are outside the Willamette ESD region.


Award-Winning Work

At its awards ceremony on April 28, 2016, the Washington School Public Relations Association (WSPRA) presented the campaign with multiple awards in the categories of Marketing/Branding and Photography.


Ever Vigilant

WESD continues to rely on The League of Communicators for its Willamette Promise communications work, and in 2016 the campaign was freshened and updated with new student faces and materials.