Camas High School:

Brand Identity & “I am a Papermaker” Campaign

A brand gone rogue!

The Camas High School principal was at her wits end: Her school had at least five different logos that were being used willy-nilly by staff and students, and she wanted to launch a new campaign, which would add another logo into the mix. She didn’t want to completely rebrand the school, as community pride and love of the historic logos was high. How could she possibly rein in the renegade logos and make them all work together as a cohesive brand and with the start of school just a month away?!

Bringing the brand back together

League designers worked closely with the CHS principal to develop a new logo for the desired “I am a Papermaker” campaign that worked well with the main existing logos and the new mission statement. With the new campaign branded, The League revised the beloved old logos to match the new campaign (and each other), creating a detailed brand identity guide that gives usage directions for school staff. With the branding refocused, creating print materials for the new campaign was a cinch.

Brand Identity Reference Guide Sample

‘I am a Papermaker’ Print Materials

School Handbook

Mission Poster

T-shirt Design for Camas High School Staff


The Washington School Public Relations Association presented this project with an award for Best in Category for Branding/Image Package for a district under 10,000 students at the 2019 awards ceremony.

More Brand Identity and Campaign work completed by the League


Conquering the design blahs once and for all!



  • Brand development & brainstorming
  • Graphic design
  • Photography
  • Print/display materials
  • Newsletters & reports
  • Infographics

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