Each member of the ESD 112 Communication Services team has a communications degree, plus extensive experience in their respective fields. Most importantly, our staff maintains broad knowledge of, and sensitivity to, the issues and challenges for educators in the state. Combined, we boast more than 80 years of direct communications service to schools, and community agencies.

Strategist: Lori Oberheide

Super Strategist

Saving the day with her super solutions!

Captain Crisis: Monique Dugaw

Captain Crisis

No crisis too big! No job too small!

Illuminator: Heidi Barnes

The Illuminator

Holy insight! I can visualize your ideas!

Dr. Sunshine: Michele Larsen

Dr. Sunshine

Mixing up the antidote for the marketing blahs.

Winged Story Catcher: Sarah Coomber

Story Catcher

The strength of an organization lives in the hearts and stories of its people!

Mega Zoom: Melissa Burt

Mega Zoom

Faster than a looming deadline!

Wordsmith: Jodi Thomas

The Wordsmith

Forging copy into shape with her grammar hammer!

Visualizer: Rose Yandell

The Visualizer

Great vision transmission! I’m getting a signal!

The Illustrious Graphicat: Jenna Buescher-Hill

The Illustrious Graphicat

Springing into action to meet any design challenge!

Multiplicity: Julie Gaetze


Able to print faster than a speeding bullet!

Juggler: Susan Rahl

The Juggler

To the to-do list, Strategist!

Tektonika: Laura Martin


Launching web sites to the stratosphere!